In the Bible we learn that it is the parents’ responsibility to evangelize and disciple their children (Deut 6, Psalm 78 and Eph 4) ,and that we as the Church are to support parents in their discipleship efforts.  We discovered that parents (ourselves included) had been trained to drop off children and let the church do the evangelizing and discipleship.  This philosophy revealed a place of disorder that would require transformation to Biblical order.

New initiatives to align our vision with parents’ responsibility have become our focus.  Motivating, encouraging, challenging, and resourcing churches, Christians, and parents to bring the action of discipleship home have become our primary activities.  Our emphasis is shifting.  Where we once equipped teachers to disciple children in their Sunday School classes, we see this season requiring emphasis on the equipping of parents to disciple their children in their homes.  Taking it home, so that Christ becomes the center of the home and inspires parents to take the lead in the spiritual growth of their children, is our primary focus.