Hispanic Ministry

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Working with the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina to reach the Hispanic community with the goal of planting and growing biblical Anglican congregations locally and throughout the Americas. We work in partnership with more than 60 Anglican Churches in Latin America including Chile, Peru, Cuba, Brazil, and Mexico who are actively doing the same. It is also our goal to assist local congregations in partnering with Latin leaders and churches in the Global South.

Over the last year, La Iglesia de San Juan (the Hispanic ministry of the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina) has been in transition. This summer the church changed direction in its witness to the Hispanic people of Sea Islands. Instead of the traditional “open our doors and they will come” model, worship and pastoral care are now taken to the people where they live. Each Sunday evening the “Church on the Move” can be found at one of the many work camps on Johns Island. The ministry is a mission church of the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina under Bishop Lawrence. The ministry is not self-supporting and it does pay two part-time pastors.