Grandparents Gather to Pray in Concert

Sunday, September 13, was National Grandparents Day. It was also the second Sunday of the month which is when the Grandparents at Prayer, (better known as G@P) at Holy Comforter, meets from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. It also marked the fifth anniversary of our Grandparents at Prayer ministry. The picture shows grandparents gathered in our sanctuary who brought pictures of their grandchildren, on their phones or in frames. The focus of the gathering was for each of us to introduce our grandchildren. and to share how God has blessed our efforts in sharing our faith stories with them as we have sought to pass on the legacy of our Christian faith.

     As you might imagine this Grandparents at Prayer group shared not just stories, but brief histories as we had opportunity to talk about our grandchildren. This was so beneficial for us all to hear as these stories reflect what God is doing among us, and it directs our prayers of supplication and our prayers of praise for those we have been given influence over. 

     After all of us had the opportunity to show pictures and make introductions, we put all the pictures and cell phones on the altar, and knelt down, in a socially distanced manner, to pray aloud for these lives. Here were 10 grandparents bringing 58 grandchildren, all at once, before God’s throne of grace; intentionally and corporately seeking to bless them that they may likewise be a blessing to their children’s children. I can tell you the Holy Spirit showed up. It was an hour well spent.

     Let this be an encouragement to grandparents across the diocese, for you to join together in each of your churches to regularly pray for your grandchildren. Call, text or email them to say you are doing this, and to simply ask how you might pray for them. You may be amazed at their response. Both asking and offering is rooted in heaven and bears fruit, to be ripened by God’s own hand. Whether it is two grandparents who gather to pray or 10, prayer and intentional Christian grandparenting will, for our grandchildren, have its effect.