The Trustees of the Diocese


The Rev. Ted Duvall (2027)
Christ Church, Mt. Pleasant


Mr. Kenny Wilson – 2025
Christ Church, Mt. Pleasant


Mrs. Ann Willis – 2025
St. Philip’s, Charleston


The Rev. Andrew O’Dell – 2024
St. Philip’s, Charleston


Mr. Bobby Kilgo – 2024
St. Matthew’s, Darlington


The Rev. Rags Coxe (2023)
Prince George Winyah, Georgetown


Mr. Frank Gibson (2023)
The Parish Church of St. Helena, Beaufort


Denise Horry (2022)
Holy Trinity, Grahamville



Mr. Ben Hagood – Chancellor
St. Philip’s, Charleston

Trustees of the Diocese

(The following is taken from the Canon XIII of the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina)

In pursuance of the Act of the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina providing for the substitution of a Board of Trustees of the Diocese, in the place and stead of the Bishop and Standing Committee of the same, as Trustees under a former Act, approved on the 20th day of February, 1902, by the Governor of South Carolina.


Section 1. There shall be a Board of Trustees, to consist of the Bishop, ex officio, and eight (8) communicants of the Church, canonically resident in this Diocese if a Presbyter, and a member of a Parish or Mission in union with the Convention if laypersons, that is to say three (3) Presbyters and five (5) laypersons, to be elected by ballot at the Annual Convention. The Chancellor of the Diocese or the Assistant Chancellor, if so designated by the Chancellor, shall be ex officio, a member of the Board, with voice but no vote.


Section 2. The members of the said Board shall hold office until their successors, respectively, shall be elected under this Canon. When the term for which any Trustee shall have been elected be about to expire, the next Annual Convention sitting prior to such expiration shall elect their successors, who shall hold their offices for the term of six (6) years. In case of a vacancy occurring in the said Board by reason of death or resignation of any member of the same, the next Annual Convention shall elect a successor to hold office for the un-expired term of the person so vacating the same or until his successor be elected by the Convention.


Section 3. The Bishop shall be the President of the said Board. The Board shall elect a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and such other officers as its By-laws may provide. The term of office for the officers elected by said Board shall be from the date of election to the next Annual Convention of the Diocese and until their successors are elected. Any two offices may be combined, with the exception of the office of the President. The Secretary may be either from membership of the Board or some other communicant of the Church. The Treasurer may be one of the Trustees, but not necessarily so; and if the office is combined with the office of Secretary, then the Treasurer must be a communicant of the Church. The duties and salaries, if any, of the officers elected by the Board shall be fixed by the by-laws adopted by said Board pursuant to the aforesaid Act of the General Assembly. The Treasurer shall be required to give bond amounting to three-fourths (3/4) of all bonds, stocks, securities, or money which may be entrusted to his keeping, unless the same shall be reduced by resolution adopted by two thirds (2/3) of all the members of the Board.


Section 4. The Board shall make a report to each Annual Convention of the Diocese upon the first day of its meeting, of all their actions and doings, with a detailed statement of all funds in their hands, the investment thereof, and of all changes made by them in investments during the preceding year.


Section 5. The Board shall determine and appoint times for regular meetings of the same, and shall provide for the calling of extra meetings, and of the notification of the same.


Section 6. Four (4) members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business of the said Board.


Section 7. The Board shall apply the net income or principal of any funds held in trust by it in the manner directed by the terms of the instrument creating such trust; it shall apply the net income or principal of any funds entrusted to it for management and investment, by either the Diocese, or any agency or department thereof, any corporation or other person, as it is directed by the entity placing the funds with the Trustees for management and investment; and all net income or principal of any fund held by the Trustees under which the instrument creating the trust or conveying the fund to the Trustees does not direct the manner of application of the funds or the income therefrom, or directs the application to a particular Church purpose in general terms, the said Board shall apply such funds in the manner as directed annually, or at lesser intervals, by Diocesan Council with the advice of the Department of Finance, provided that the Diocesan Council shall not direct the application of any funds contrary to the purposes for which they were placed in the hands of the Trustees.


Section 8. The Trustees shall make to the Department of Finance such reports of its operations and its future income expectations as the Department of Finance shall from time to time require and request; and each fund committed in trust to the Trustees shall be reported separately.


Section 9.
a. It shall be the policy of The Anglican Diocese of South Carolina (hereinafter “diocese”) to convey title to any and all real property which is not being actively used by the diocese, or which has not been actively used by the diocese for a period of one (1) year, to the Trustees of The Anglican Diocese South Carolina (hereinafter “trustees”) to be held in trust for the diocese.

b. The trustees shall convey to the diocese title to any real property to which they hold title upon the written request of the diocese and upon its statement the said real property is to be put into active use by the diocese.

c. Except as otherwise provided in the Canons, any property impressed with a trust at the time the trustees took title and re-conveyed by the trustees to the diocese shall not be alienated, encumbered, or disposed of without the written consent of the trustees.